We are HOP DESIGN. We’ve always been dreaming about the future of durable products made of natural materials considering our environment.

Our goods are manufactured locally in Poland in cooperation with family-businesses basing on long-term relationships.

Moreover, we combine the production ethics with great design and high-quality materials, because we believe that you deserve beautiful things around you.

We hope you share our ideas! Enjoy our products and stay in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy hearing your feedback.


The bedroom is your comfort zone.

We want you to feel exceptionally comfortable here. This is where you have the right to everything: warms socks, favourite tracksuit, exciting book and a mug of hot tea. This is a place, in which you deserve a time for yourself and where you can leave all your worries behind the door. You are the queen here and you arrange this place in your own way.

This is the place when you can say: Just Me, Myself and I.



FREE LOVE is a romantic but modern design which presents how soft and sensual the LOVE is.

This feeling is deep and intimate so it needs to expressed in special way, very subtle and unobvoius. That’s why we have decided for the fine linear design with contemporary colours.


Pefect for a gift (also to gift yourself ;)


We took care of making you or your intimate impressed.

Each product is locally made with great attention to the details. Thanks that we can oversee the quality of each product.
All that is to meet the high expectations of customers, their impression and comfort.

The bedding set comes in the catchy satin cotton pouch with fine ribbon. This packaging will be perfect bag for some belongings in the future.

All that together is packed in the HOP signature box in matte tone.


Sage Green – new colour on board


Inspired by the nature¬†and it’s timeless beauty, we have introduced new colour in the PURE line.

Thanks that, you can feel in you bedroom totally calmed and relaxed.



Mix the sage green with other “Pure” colours. It fits perfectly with all the others.